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Last update: April 29th, 2015




The strategy:

AUSTEX can creatively solve complex industrial situations or large commercial properties, introducing energy efficiency in operating plants or designing and testing new systems. Wide-ranging expertise and the ability to find information on the latest technologies is AUSTEX competitive advantage when designing innovative solutions and approaching specific thermophysical processes.

AUSTEX has a specific strategy for energy cost reduction.
The first step to good energy management is a wide-angled audit of the manufacturing site or  industrial installation to evaluate the energy flows and spot the main critical areas. By means of computer simulation carried out with specifically developed software tools and remote monitoring systems, AUSTEX  optimizes the use of electric, thermal and cooling power, estimates savings, values the feasibility of improvements and proposes innovations to the process.

AUSTEX is not linked to specific technologies or system manufacturers, therefore it can guarantee the customer the widest  and most cost effective selection of solutions indipendently.

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