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Last update: April 29th, 2015




The accomplishments:

Main AUSTEX accomplishments:

2013-2015 Permitting, Balance of Plant design and Commissioning for a 2x100kW microturbine biogas cogeneration plant installed in a large urban Waste Water Treatment Plant (Genova – Italy).

2014 Engineering and consultancy on large ORC plants for gas turbine heat recovery generation for pipeline compressor stations (Delft – The Netherlands).

2014 Certification of exhaust emissions for a 3.3 MW cogeneration gas engine (Riva del Garda - Italy).

2013-2015 Consultancy and engineering on several Mega Solar Power Plants in the Kanto region (Japan).

2012-2013 Engineering consultancy on the application of multi-MW ORC heat recovery for low-temperature sources for large Oil&Gas facilities (Delft – The Netherlands).

2013-2014 Execution of Final Acceptance Tests on several MW-size PV plants (Ragusa - Italy).

2013 Senior consultancy and energy efficiency improvement proposals in a designer glasses production site (Pederobba – Italy).

2011-2012 Technology consultant for High Concentrating Photovoltaic systems (Sicily - Italy).

2011-2012 Design and permitting for a P.E.M. Fuel Cell trigeneration system in an office building (Desio – Italy).

2011-2012 Technology consultant and development of two biogas cogeneration plants (Campania, Sicily - Italy).

2011 Assessment Team Leader and Energy efficiency improvement proposals in a 1,400 MWe Coal Power Plant (Jaworzno – Poland)

2011 Consultancy for the upgrade of a pharmaceutical manufacturing site’s Refrigeration System (Latina – Italy)

2011 Assessment Team Leader and Energy efficiency improvement proposals in a 1,100 MWe CCGT seawater desalination plant (Taweelah – Arab Emirates)

2011 Senior consultancy and improvement proposals in three production sites for a world leading Automation and Packaging Manufacturer (Bologna – Italy)

2011-2012 Energy assessment and improvement proposals for the biomass steam cogeneration systems of a large Pulp & Paper plant in Sumatra (Indonesia).

2010-2011 Energy assessment, efficiency and improvement opportunities in a large steel cold rolling Mill (Sagunto – Spain).

2010-2011 Permitting and detailed design for a 1.0 MWe cogeneration plant running on vegetable oil.(Parma)

2010 Assessment of the EPC contractor's performance for the construction of four multi-megawatt photovoltaic plants in Sicily.

2010 Senior consultancy on Energy Efficiency of a main Mobile Switching Center in Athens, Greece.

2009-2010 Feasibility consultancy for utility-sized, Concentrated Solar Power plants. Due diligence on technology for licensing of advanced CSP technology.

2009 Technical design for additional solutions for energy efficiency at a PVC film calendering and printing site (Varese).

2009 Energy Audit and increased-efficiency solutions for Steam, Condensate and Chilled Water distribution systems. HVAC control strategy verification in a new Sterile Department (Latina).

2009 Engineering consultancy for a 1 MWe biogas power plant (Lodi).

2008 Energy Assessment for a pharmaceutical production plant and cogeneration project (Cuneo).

2008-2009 Construction, supervision and commissioning of a 2.0 MWe trigeneration plant. Detailed design for the balance of plant and utilities (Varese).

2008 Senior consultancy for the Energy Assessment program of two large pharmaceutical production and office sites (Milano).

2008 Final engineering and supplier's selection for several multi-megawatt photovoltaic plants in Sicily and Apulia.

2008 Permitting for a 24 MWe bioliquid cogeneration plant in Southern Italy.

2008 Specialized consultancy for a complete energy audit for a multinational detergent manufacturing plant (Crema).

2008 Preliminary engineering for the revamping of the steam generation and distribution systems in a Latina pharmaceutical production facility.

2007-2008 Technical due-diligence and construction milestones supervision for a 1.0 MWe biogas plant (Lodi).

2007-2008 Complete permitting and design for the balance of plant of a new 2.0 MWe trigeneration plant and utilities revamping (Varese).

2007-2008 Technical due-diligence and Project validation for a 9.0 MWe bioliquid cogeneration plant (Pavia).

2007 Detailed design, construction supervision and commissioning for a 10 kWp PV plant (Lodi).

2007 Renewable energy power plant's technical due-diligence (Torino).

2007 Preliminary engineering and complete permitting technical documents for several multi-megawatt photovoltaic plants in Sicily.

2007 Energy assessment for HVAC systems in production areas in a Latina pharmaceutical plant.

2007 Preliminary engineering, permitting and environmental impact assessment for a 2.8 MWel hydro plant (Verbania).

2007 Preliminary design and costing for the balance of plant of a 2.0 MWel trigeneration system (Varese).

2007 Consultancy on the cogeneration plant for a very large auto and motorcycle tire manufacturing plant in Germany.

2007 Permitting for a 24 MWel biofuel cogeneration plant in Apulia.
Feasibility and preliminary design for MW-sized photovoltaic plants with solar tracking technology in Sicily.
Technical consultancy on electrical grid connection issues for several multi-megawatt wind power projects.

2007 Energy audit consultancy for a large pasta production plant in Northern Italy.

2006 Cogeneration and turbogas revamping consultancy for three paper mills and one chemical plant (Italy and Belgium).

2006 Basic and detailed engineering for a 10 kWp photovoltaic system for an industrial site.

2006 Detailed design, technical specifications and construction supervision for electrical systems of a 3.5 MWel Pelton hydro plant.

2006 Energy audit and energy saving proposals for a fiberglass textile and mat plant (Milano).

2006 Feasibility studies, preliminary design and permitting scheduling for a biofuel 18 MWel plant and several photovoltaic parks.

2005 Energy monitoring of a pharmaceutical plant cold generation and distribution system. Preliminary design for its revamping.

2005 Preliminary design and cost estimation for the balance of plant of a 2.4 MWel trigeneration plant in Central Italy.

2005-2006 Engineering, supply and start-up of electrical and control system for a "full scale" charcoal production pilot plant.

2005-2006 Complete permitting process and general consulting in the design of a new 4.5 MWel cogeneration plant in Pomezia.

2005 Engineering, supply and start-up of electrical and control systems for a "full scale" research plant for the direct reduction of iron oxides.

2005 Delivery of "turn-key" system revamping in a primary pharmaceutical factory regarding: post cooling of chemically dried air; semi-open loop evaporative technology for chiller heat rejection; condensate heat recovery; renovation of steam piping insulation; flue gas heat recovery.

2004-2005 Detailed engineering for electrical systems for new industrial installations in Northern Italy.

2003-2004 Energy audit for HVAC and electrical distribution systems for a newly renovated commercial plaza in Torino.

2003-2004 Preliminary engineering of the electrical and data systems for a new, 14,000 square meters horticultural center in Sestu (Sardinia).

2003-2004 Detailed energy audit for utilities in a pharmaceutical and healthcare production plant. Revamping proposals for heat disposal in process HVAC. Detection of heat losses in steam distribution lines (Lazio).

2003 Feasibility studies for cogeneration plants by an Energy Trader. Simulations for each site involved many different cogenerative solutions, sizing, preliminary design and budget, cash flow analysis.

2003 Preliminary design of mechanical and electrical systems for a new, large office complex in Cagliari.

2002 Detailed design of mechanical and electrical systems for a new manufacturing and office complex (Pavia).

2002 Preliminary study for a fruit and vegetable processing centre located close to a combined-cycle power plant. A centralized ammonia absorption system supplies the low temperature brine distributed to air handling units and storage coolers (Southern Italy).

2002 Design and construction management for a 1.8 MWel hydroelectric plant with a 1140 m water head.

2002 Feasibility study and preliminary engineering for a cogeneration plant pharmaceutical plant in Milano.

2001 Consultancy for combustors improvements in industrial wood burners for a plant manufacturer in Brescia.

2001-2002 Delivery, construction and start-up of a "turn-key" 1 MWel, NG cogeneration plant with process steam generation and hot water recovery. The system is running in a Tuscany chemical plant.

2001 Feasibility study for the revamping of a steam turbine cogeneration plant in a chemical and detergent factory in Northern Italy.

2000 Design and construction management of a 3.3 MWel hydroelectric plant featuring an impulse type turbine with a 650 m head.

2000 Preliminary design of a cogeneration plant in a Chemical factory.

2000 Engineering for the revamping of a natural gas thermal plant in a pharmaceutical factory with the addition of a 6-ton heat transfer fluid steam generator designed for unmanned operation (Milano).

1999-2000 Gas and vapors emission monitoring and improvement proposals in a bulk pharmaceutical factory in Switzerland. The monitoring campaign led to minor process modification concerning the exhaust of vapors in the atmosphere.

1999 Design, engineering and supply of a turn-key Data Acquisition System for the monitoring of the main energy fluxes in a Chemicals production site (Milano).

1998-1999 Feasibility study for an energy data acquisition and control system for 6 furnaces in a nodular cast iron foundry.

1998 Energy audit of a complete sugar production process in Emilia Romagna.
Preliminary design of a sugar dryer with an innovative use of recovered waste heat.

1998 Design, installation and start-up of 35-channel data acquisition system for monitoring the plant energy balance in a Chemical plant (Tuscany).

1997 Custom development of simulation software for energy use prediction and utilities optimization in relation to the production schedule and the multitariff system for a food packaging factory in Southern Italy.
Feasibility study for internal combustion engine or gas turbine cogeneration.

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